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Musings on Joining New Social Media Sites, Site Recommendations and On-Going Participation

A while back I set up accounts on Amplify and Clipmarks. I think I played around with them for a couple days and then didn’t give them much more thought. Today I received an email notification telling me that someone had added me as a Source on Amplify, so I decided to hop back on and refresh my memory as to what my profile looked like, out-dated no doubt. After a few minutes of doing some re-arranging and updating my profile I was back in business. Perhaps I didn’t quite see the value when I first created an account but I can definitely see this as a great (FREE) social media channel now. Clipmarks is similar to Amplify and if you create a Clipmarks account, everything you post on Amplify can auto-post to Clipmarks, giving you more precious back links.

I also finally joined Go Articles today. I’m not sure what took me so long because I definitely have seen its value, I’ve even used it for clients before; now I’m finally on. In fact, I set up a writer account for myself as a Real Estate Resource and separately as a Social Media Marketing Resource. When I received the confirmation email after I submitted my first article to Go Articles, they prompted me to join and post my articles to Dropjack as well – also a free site, offering even more exposure, why say no?!

One day, four new sites. Certainly you wouldn’t want to go around joining four new sites each day but I think it’s definitely a good idea to spread yourself across various social media channels not only for the extra back links but more importantly to make sure you’re casting as wide of a net as possible for prospects doing their own social site exploration out on the web.

As for checking back, I admittedly dropped the ball after I initially set up my Amplify and Clipmarks accounts and I don’t want to do that again. If I’m going to set up a profile on a social site I want to make sure it stays current and that I’m participating – if I can’t participate as actively as is deemed “normal” by the sites’ users, I think it best to remove my profile. I always say it’s better to have no presence at all than to have one left abandoned – people are more likely to understand that you haven’t joined a site “yet” but may become curious if they stumble upon a profile that seemed to just stop participating. The last thing you want to make someone wonder when they stumble upon you on the web is, “Did this company go out of business?” To avoid social site abandonment, keep an excel spreadsheet with the name of each site, access information, and profile URL. Make sure you check back to this sheet once a week and revisit where you haven’t recently.

What are your experiences with trying out new sites? Are you open to the idea or are you content riding the big waves of Facebook, Twitter, etc..? How often do you visit each site on which you’ve created a profile? As always, your thoughts are welcome!

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A Comprehensive List of Social Media Tips, Guides, Plugins, Platforms, Analytics Tools, Apps and other great Social Media Resources

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of Social Media Tips, Guides, Plugins, Platforms, Analytics Tools, Apps and other great Social Media resources.

Tips & Guides

Mashable – Twitter Lists, Resources & How-Tos

How To Blog: A Beginnerʼs Blog Publishing Guide

10 Things to Do Before Launching Your Blog

Writing for Bloggers – A Quick Guide on Style, Substance and Strategy

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SEOmoz | 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

How to optimize website images from a SEO perspective

The Bloggerʼs Guide to SEO

Methods of website linking

Linkbaiting for Fun & Profit

Web analytics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My list of tips for getting the most out of Twitter

ʻMemeʼ explained on Wikipedia

Know Your Meme

What Social Media Is and What Social Media Is Not

List of social networking websites on Wikipedia

Google Social Search Launches, Gives Results From Your Trusted “Social Circle”

Boolean Searching on the Internet

Tools & Analytics

Google Alerts



Google Analytics


Social Mention

Trending Tools

About IQ


Google Trends

Popular Bookmarks on Delicious

Twitter Search

Yahoo! Buzz Index – Todayʼs Top 20 Overall Searches


WordPress Plugins & Themes

WordPress › WordPress Plugins

WordPress › WordPress Themes


Stop Comment Spam and Trackback Spam « Akismet

All In One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

Audio Player WordPress plugin


Favicon Manager


Google Analyticator

Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress

PXS Mail Form

Simple Tags

SRG Clean Archives

Wordbook Facebook

WordPress Automatic Upgrade

WordPress Database Backup

Wptouch: WordPress on iPhone

FaceBook Share

Facebook Connect



The Social Web











NingCreate Your Own Social Network


Social Tools & Apps

Hootsuite – Our Fav!!

Brizzly – Twitter web app

Where is your Username registered

KnowEm – Check your username

Alltop, all the top stories


Firefox web browser URL shortner with stats

TinyURL – URL shortner


Twitter Tools

Our guide to Brand monitoring on Twitter – 5 top tools

Mr. Tweet – Your Personal Networking Assistant!


Twitterfall – a way of viewing the latest ʻtweetsʼ of upcoming trends

Seesmic – Twitter & FB app

Twitterrific – Mac & iPhone app

TweetDeck – Twitter, FB & MySpace app

Power Twitter – Firefox Add-on

Twufferschedule tweets for later!


Jim Grygar’s list of 60 Twitter tools


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