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Can You Afford to Not Implement a Social Media Marketing Campaign in Your Business?

It’s here and it’s not going away. More people are participating on social networks than ever before and the numbers keep going up and up and up.

If you’re reading this right now we can already assume that you read blog posts and/or you are participating on Twitter, Facebook or some other social site (otherwise, well you wouldn’t have found this) – so it’s safe to say you recognize some value here.

The beauty of this process is that you are voluntarily participating, you made the choice to click on the link and read the post. I did not force feed my thoughts down your throat. Thus, giving you the power to invite in the media messages of your choosing. It’s all about giving the power to the people! (No, I’m not running for office….) What I mean here is that with traditional marketing, such as TV, Radio, Direct Mail, and the like you are broadcasting your message with hopes, but no certainty, that someone is on the receiving end. Now days, with TiVo and DVR  commercials are missed, with Satellite Radio and Ipods, radio is on the decline, and with Do Not Mail/Do Not Call lists on the rise, your entry into people’s homes and lives is being increasingly shut down.

However, quite the opposite is true with social networking and social media marketing. A good social media campaign is all about being at the right place at the right time. Think about how many times you turn to Google to look for products, services, reviews, and information. Suffice it to say your prospects are also turning to Google and they’re looking for the products and services you offer. Will you be there? I guarantee your competitors are – can you afford not to show up? Do you really want to just hand over business to your competitors that easily? Chances are you don’t.

But, what does it really mean to “be there?” It’s not good enough anymore to just have your corporate website show up in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) – people want to know more, they want to see into the depths of your company’s soul. They want to know what other people think about your business, they want to see how your business interacts with its customers and the general public, they want to really see through the corporate front face so that they are able to trust you. Because isn’t that what it’s all about anyway, gaining someone’s trust so that they feel comfortable enough to do business with you?

Social media marketing and social networking is about relationship building, rapport building, and establishing trust.  Yes you want your corporate website to show up in the SERPs but you also need your blog, your facebook business page, your slide show presentations, your videos, etc… to come out to play.  All of these channels combined will humanize your brand and in the long run will lead to an increase in customers and an increase in customer loyolaty.

I welcome your thoughts/comments on this post. I’d love to hear about the experiences you are having with your own social media marketing campaigns.

Thanks for reading!

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