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Anna Kristen “AK” Stout, social media consultant for
Towson-based Saying It Social LLC, got into social media for
selling real estate and started her business in December 2009 after
doing independent contracting. Saying It Social’s most popular
service is creating a Facebook business page for a company, Stout
said, but it also provides custom packages based on what a company
needs and how much of the social media interaction it wants to

Stout said she also teaches others how to use Facebook business
and personal pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, business blogging, Google
Places and Constant Contact.

Stout said she is also starting to look at Google Plus, which
she thinks could be the next big thing in marketing, with its
targeted audience feature.

Though foursquare isn’t very popular in Maryland, Stout said it
is also a great tool for retail because people who “check in” at a
business can unlock a deal using their phones or there may be a
special deal for a “mayor” of a certain place.



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Happy Anniversary Social Geek Radio (via Deb Evans Blog)

So excited to be part of Social Geek Radio! Very appreciative to Deb for the opportunity! Love sharing my “geekiness” each week! “See” you on the show!

Happy Anniversary Social Geek Radio It all started a year ago! In 2009 I immersed myself  in social media seeking ways to build brand awareness for COMPUTER EXPLORERS (CE). As I worked hard exploring the world of social media I became more and more intrigued. Building an on-line community awareness for CE became exciting and an educational experience for myself.  It wasn't long until I was asked to share my experiences with other franchise leaders at conferences and speaking engage … Read More

via Deb Evans Blog

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Newsworthy Blogging | Social Geek Radio


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Small Businesses Turn to Social Before Search

Remember how much you hated when your mom would ask, “If everyone else jumped off a bridge would you jump off, too?” in an attempt to dissuade you from following the crowd? Well, when it comes to participating in Social Media for your Business, the answer is yes, you would, because you must.

Findings from a recently conducted “Small Business Search and Marketing Survey” by American Express OPEN and Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), show that second only to websites, Social Media is the top online marketing tool for small businesses. The most important take away from this finding is if you haven’t yet jumped off the Social Media bridge, you better believe your competition has, so you must also; otherwise your competition has a much better chance of getting found online while you’re still peering over the edge.

It is important however, not to jump in without knowing how to swim, so to speak. Too often I see companies that, while I must applaud the leap, are so obviously floundering, they are doing more harm than good with their social media presence.

Could you be making the same costly mistakes that they are? Find out by joining me for a FREE webinar, this Wednesday evening, March 30, 2011 at 7pm ET.  During this webinar you will have the opportunity to learn from examples of real companies whose use of Social Media may be a hindrance to their efforts.

Register: Webinar: Social Media: You’re Doing It All Wrong

If after the webinar, you find you may be doing the same types of things that the example companies are doing, I invite you to join me for my upcoming Social Media Boot Camp.

Social Media Boot Camp is an 8 session on-line course that will give you the tools to make the best use of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for your business.  Sessions will be held every Monday and Wednesday evening in April. Find out more information at

Because I love and value my blog readers so much – please use coupon code SISB2011 during registration, to receive a $100 discount!

If you’re ready to make the leap, I hope to “see” you on Wednesday!

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It’s Time to Poke The Box | Social Geek Radio

Seth Godin‘s Domino Project created a worldwide street team and I am proud to be one of the members of the Domino Street Team.

The team consists of individuals who are on a mission to spread ideas to people who care. We are digital natives who blog, tweet, take risks, and care about reinventing outdated systems.

We are part of the digital revolution in publishing and want to share our thoughts on Seth Godin‘s latest book “Poke The Box“. Join Deb Evans, me, and possibly a guest or two from the Domino Street Team as we discuss what it really means to “poke the box” and why Godin says, “The person who fails the most wins.”

Listen to Social Geek Radio on Blog Talk RadioYou can start the conversation by sharing your thoughts on the Social Geek Radio Facebook Page. Then, join us live by calling into the show tonight, Thursday, March 17th at 8pm CT/9pm ET or via the chat feature. Come “Poke the Box” with us!


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How To Create A Foursquare Special

Foursquare SpecialsLate last week, foursquare launched an entirely revamped platform for businesses. It opens up lots of new options for creating specials and makes the process of creating specials easier to manage, especially for companies with multiple locations. It also brings new tools for analyzing the performance of different specials when compared to each other.

Adding all these new options has necessarily added a layer of complexity to the process that may make it less obvious to novices. This guide has been created to walk you through creating and launching your first special. For most small businesses, especially in the US, the process can be completed from start to finish in about 10 minutes — and it’s entirely free.


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RT/Share to Win Wednesday | A $500 Value

Today we are running a contest and giving away a FREE PASS for Social Media Boot Camp!

For each RT, Share, or Forward, you will receive one entry – the amount of entries you can earn is LIMITLESS!

There are 3 ways to enter!

1. Post to Twitter! Copy and paste the following tweet:

RT @akstout18 For ea. RT of this post u will receive 1 entry for a free ticket to Social Media Boot Camp, a $500 value.

2. Go to the Saying It Social Facebook Page, “Like” it, and then Share the post that is there about the contest with your friends – don’t forget to tag the page so that we know you shared it! (Don’t know how to tag a page? Then you need Social Media Boot Camp!)

3. Forward this email! You will receive one entry for each forward!

That’s it! Contest ends at 11:59pm ET tonight!

Don’t wait to sign up for Boot Camp, if you win, we will refund your money! The winner may also gift the free pass to a friend or colleague!

For more info and to register go to:

Good luck:-)

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I rarely read “this type” of book. I’m skeptical of motivational hype with all the pom-pom waving, “What are you waiting for?” type sentiments, but Poke the Box is different.

First of all, it’s only 85 pages – so skeptic or not, I highly doubted it would be the worst hour of my life. After reading just two pages, I knew I hadn’t made a bad decision. In fact, I was fairly certain that when I was done, I was going to be more than glad that I had started… and finished; a theme that runs deep through this manifesto.

Since reading the book, I’ve “poked” more than I had in a long time. I always have ideas, things I want to do, things I know I could do, if only I would just do them. It’s that “just doing” part that seems to get thrown by the wayside. In Poke the Box, Seth Godin tells us that now is the time, no more waiting, no more, “I’d like to do that,” or, “I’m going to do that.”

Right now is the time to DO.

I’ve been struggling with articulating the true power of this book and I think that is partly because it’s going to reverberate a little bit different with everyone. So, instead of telling you how it’s going to make you feel, my best advice is to read it and find out for yourself.


Register for Social Media Boot Camp: Excuses Stop Here! on Eventbrite

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7 Annoying Social Media Personality Disorders | Pushing Social

No, it’s not smarts, strategy or writing skills (though, all of those things are immensely helpful).

It’s personality.

Your personality online determines whether or not someone will sign on to follow your tweets or read your posts. Just as in real life, your personality matters.

Read more at:


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HOW TO: Start Using Twitter For Your School

While the title says “School” the tips discussed in this post can easily be applied to just about any business.

Brendan Schneider asks, “How can 190 million people be wrong?” According to Wikipedia, Twitter‘s membership growth is staggering as well as it’s usage – Twitter generates 65 million tweets a day and handles over 800,000 search queries a day. If your school/business doesn’t have a presence on Twitter, they should, and Schneider offers a wonderful, easy to follow, blueprint on how to start using Twitter for your school/business.

Read more:

See this Amp at

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