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Anna Kristen “AK” Stout, social media consultant for
Towson-based Saying It Social LLC, got into social media for
selling real estate and started her business in December 2009 after
doing independent contracting. Saying It Social’s most popular
service is creating a Facebook business page for a company, Stout
said, but it also provides custom packages based on what a company
needs and how much of the social media interaction it wants to

Stout said she also teaches others how to use Facebook business
and personal pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, business blogging, Google
Places and Constant Contact.

Stout said she is also starting to look at Google Plus, which
she thinks could be the next big thing in marketing, with its
targeted audience feature.

Though foursquare isn’t very popular in Maryland, Stout said it
is also a great tool for retail because people who “check in” at a
business can unlock a deal using their phones or there may be a
special deal for a “mayor” of a certain place.



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Harness The Power Through Likeable Social Media

Social Geek RadioJoin me, AK Stout and Deb Evans tonight on Social Geek Radio with special guest Dave Kerpen, co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media, an award-winning social media and word-of-mouth marketing firm. Dave has been featured on CNBC’s “On the Money”, ABC World News Tonight, the CBS Early Show, the New York Times, and countless blogs. Likeable’s mission is to help build more transparent, responsive, & likeable companies, nonprofit organizations, and governments.

If you buy his new book, “likeable social media” you will receive a pre-release e-copy!

Dave will also share information about the upcoming #Likeable U conference to be held in New York City June 8th and 9th.

Find Dave on Twitter at: @davekerpen

The show airs tonight, May 12, at 9pm ET. To listen in go to:

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Happy Anniversary Social Geek Radio (via Deb Evans Blog)

So excited to be part of Social Geek Radio! Very appreciative to Deb for the opportunity! Love sharing my “geekiness” each week! “See” you on the show!

Happy Anniversary Social Geek Radio It all started a year ago! In 2009 I immersed myself  in social media seeking ways to build brand awareness for COMPUTER EXPLORERS (CE). As I worked hard exploring the world of social media I became more and more intrigued. Building an on-line community awareness for CE became exciting and an educational experience for myself.  It wasn't long until I was asked to share my experiences with other franchise leaders at conferences and speaking engage … Read More

via Deb Evans Blog

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The Entrepreneur’s Source, North Carolina, Engages Saying It Social, LLC, to Take Its Social Media to the Next Level

Like The Entrepreneur's Source, North Carolina Franchise Coaching on Facebook(Matthews, NC) The Entrepreneur’s Source is North America’s leading business and franchise coaching organization. They help people build rewarding careers, take control of their lives and create financial freedom. Their unique discovery and education process empowers their clients to explore alternative career options outside of the traditional job market in franchising and business ownership.

The local office of the Entrepreneur’s Source recently teamed up with Saying It Social, LLC, a social media marketing agency, to increase its reach of services to its clients and potential clients via Facebook. Having already been active on Twitter and LinkedIn, Randy Mitchell, Franchise Coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source, North Carolina, realizes the increased breadth of services he can offer through online channels. “Facebook was just the next logical step,” says Mitchell. “With 500 million users and counting and the site’s increased use as a source of information and research, I want to be in the best position possible to be the local business resource.” 

The Entrepreneur’s Source is going one step further with their new Facebook presence by using their Page to support To find out how you can help The Entrepreneur’s Source, North Carolina and their support of small business owners around the world through Kiva, visit their Facebook Page at

“We were very excited to be able to work with The Entrepreneur’s Source, North Carolina, on this project,” says AK Stout, owner of Saying It Social, LLC. “With many custom features, The Entrepreneur’s Source is in a prime position to use their Facebook Page as a central hub of information for those in the midst of a career transition towards entrepreneurship. As an added bonus, we were exceptionally thrilled to work with a company that is supporting a great organization like Kiva.”

By ‘Liking’ The Entrepreneur’s Source, North Carolina on Facebook, your News Feed will be enriched with information and resources to help you take the next step towards taking control of your career and your life. 

Media Contact: Randy Mitchell, 866-943-7700,
For more information about The Entrepreneur’s Source, please visit:

# # #

About The Entrepreneur’s Source, North Carolina:

The Entrepreneur’s Source is North America’s leading business and franchise coaching organization. They help people build rewarding careers, take control of their lives and create financial freedom. They advise businesses in growing prosperous organizations, and in expansion options such as franchising. There is no cost and no obligation for their educational services. While located in North Carolina, their office has provided guidance and coaching to thousands of individuals and businesses nationwide. For more information about The Entrepreneur’s Source, North Carolina, please visit:


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Irresponsible Blogger Syndrome: Do You Have It?

Diagnosing Irresponsible BloggingWhat is Irresponsible Blogger Syndrome?

Irresponsible Blogger is a common Syndrome which can afflict bloggers of any shape and size, regardless of expert status and subject matter. No blogger is safe from Irresponsible Blogger Syndrome without taking the proper precautions. The Syndrome is not contagious unless you emulate an afflicted blogger. While Irresponsible Blogger is not contagious it can cause severe reactions in others; often inducing backlash, reader unsubscription, and blacklisting.  There is nothing more frustrating than stumbling upon a blog post written by one suffering from Irresponsible Blogger Syndrome. Irresponsible Blogger manifests itself in a variety of ways such that the afflicted blogger authors blog posts that are incorrect, outdated, and have questions and comments that go unanswered.

What Causes Irresponsible Blogger?

Irresponsible Blogger has many known causes. The primary cause of Irresponsible Blogger is the lack of obtaining proper blogger education prior to engaging in blogging. Another cause is the lack of care for one’s own audience and the general public.  A third notable cause of Irresponsible Blogger Syndrome is blogging solely to benefit Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are many other minor causes such as lack of time and lack of tools.

What Are The Symptoms?

1. Inaccurate Information – Objective bloggers have a responsibility to get the facts right.

2. Sources Not Cited – Unless you are reporting the findings of your own study, all facts must be supported by sources which are properly given credit.

3. Abandonment – Typing the last word and hitting “Publish” does not constitute the end of the blogging process.

How is Irresponsible Blogger Diagnosed?

It is entirely possible that you are suffering from Irresponsible Blogger without even knowing it. Many cases of Irresponsible Blogger go undiagnosed.  This syndrome is most often diagnosed by others; researchers, blog readers, and commenters.

When researchers go hunting the web for information, they may read many blogs about their target topic. When many blogs and articles are written about a particular topic, it is not hard to spot one that has inconsistent information; often “facts” that have been assumed rather than researched. A responsible blogger will gather her own research prior to writing an objective blog post.

While a blog post may appear legitimate due to a peppering of facts and figures throughout, this information will not be seen as reliable unless it is backed by sources. Unless a blogger states that they are reporting on the findings of their own study, facts and figures don’t have much credibility without knowing how and by whom they were established.

Irresponsible Blogger Syndrome is most easily diagnosed when a blogger neglects her readers by not following up to comments and questions. If there are comments and questions that are never addressed by the author, that blogger suffers from Irresponsible Blogger Syndrome.

Besides question and comment negligence, one suffering from Irresponsible Blogger Syndrome also fails to update their content. When blogging on a topic, more often than not, the information will become out-dated. Bloggers who never return to their old posts to bring their information current are often diagnosed with Irresponsible Blogger Syndrome.

How is it Treated?

Irresponsible Blogger Syndrome is very serious but fortunately, extremely treatable. The most effective treatment is to revisit and modify one’s blogging strategy. Instead of writing a blog post in haste just to get some text out there, bloggers can plan posts a week ahead of time and use the days leading up to publishing day for research and data source collection. New tools can be introduced into one’s routine to notify those afflicted with Irresponsible Blogger Syndrome of when they need to return to their blog posts and follow up and update their information. Once diagnosed with Irresponsible Blogger Syndrome, one may consider taking a course or reading some guides on responsible blogging practices.

How is Irresponsible Blogger Prevented?

The proper preventative methods can ensure you never come down with Irresponsible Blogger Syndrome. Before you begin blogging, there are plenty of resources, guides, and courses available that will help ensure you begin blogging as a responsible blogger; a blogger who is more likely to have subscribers, recommendations, and active engagement than one who begins blogging already afflicted.

Unless a blog post is strictly subjective, it is essential to gather all pertinent facts prior to writing. Blogs have become an important source of information. A blogger owes it to their potential readers to make sure they are providing accurate information. While a blog post should not be the only source during a fact-finding mission, it is likely to be considered when drawing conclusions on a topic. Because blogs are highly likely to appear in search engine results, anyone is liable to stumble upon your post while conducting searches on the web. Therefore, you must make sure that you are consistently providing valuable information that can be trusted as accurate and that you are available as a resource on your subject matter.

A blogging calendar can be a great way to plan for blog posts while giving you plenty of time to gather necessary research and resources. Try planning your blog posts a week ahead of time and use the days leading up to them to gather any needed information. You can also use your blogging calendar to help you keep your posts up to date but making a note a month after each post and then each month after that to revisit and update as necessary. If you realize that your post requires an update before the month expires, you don’t have to wait; be responsible to your readers by providing an update that will let them know you are providing the most recent and correct information.

Most blogging platforms have built-in notifications that can send email alerts when someone comments or asks a question about a blog post. Make sure you have these notifications enabled so that you can respond in a timely manner. If your blogging platform does not offer this option, consider a third party tool or plugin that does offer such notifications. If all else fails, add a “to-do” on your blogging calendar to revisit your posts and check for comments.

When you become a blogger, you also become a resource. It is likely that people will read your posts because they are informative and/or provide value. As the blog’s author and provider of such information your readers may turn to you for questions and advice related to your blog subjects. Your responsibility as a blogger continues inevitably for each post you write so before you decide to embark on the bloggers journey, make sure you are ready for all of the responsibility that comes with the territory.


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Newsworthy Blogging | Social Geek Radio


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HOW TO: Link Your Correct Facebook Page on Your Personal Profile

Back in the day, there use to be this nice little free text information box under your profile picture. In this special box you could write whatever you’d like, up to a certain character limit, of course. This was a great place to put the URL to your Facebook Business Page  so that all of your personal friends could see the link and potentially click on it when they were engaging with your personal profile. Additionally, an Information box, which pulled content from your information tab was also displayed so that you could show your links there as well. (You can read the blog I wrote about it here, with the update on how it’s changed.)

Well, as we all know, Facebook likes to make changes – and those boxes are no longer available; leaving you very little customization to display your Facebook Business Page to your friends and family without having to write about it in your status updates.  But, not all is lost. There is one place that displays quite prominently at the top of the page where you can have a link to your Facebook Business Page. This is the area at the top underneath of your name, where your Employer is displayed. So, if you list the name of your Business Page as your Employer, people can click through to your page.

business page displayed on facebook personal profile

Great news, right?! Well, yes – if the function worked like it is suppose to. What, something on Facebook doesn’t work right? Shocking, I know. You see – Facebook says that to link your Business Page as your Employer all you need to do is start typing the name of the page, and Facebook will search through its database and locate the page so that all you have to do is click on it and viola! Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. It would be easy if it worked – but many times it does not locate your Page, and no matter how many times you swear up and down that you know your page exists, no one at Facebook is listening when you are screaming at your computer.

Sometimes, if you are one of the lucky ones, even if your Page does not come up for you to select, you can type your Page name in exactly as it appears on your Page, hit “Enter” and the correct page will be linked. But, sadly, that does not always work either.

In the majority of cases, what actually happens is that you type in the name of your Page, Facebook doesn’t find it, you hit “Enter,” and instead of the correct Page being linked, Facebook creates a new Community Page with the name of your real Business Page. Sigh. You don’t want this. Community Pages were one of Facebook’s worst ideas yet. These Pages can be automatically created by Facebook with your Business’ name and you have no admin rights. All that happens is that if someone writes the name of your page in their status update, the post will auto-post to the Community Page’s wall. People can “Like” a Community Page but that is worthless as well, because posts that appear on the Page do not show up in your News Feed, so once you “Like” it, more likely than not you will forget about it.

Now that we’ve established you don’t want this Community Page linked at the top of your personal profile you’re going to have to put in a bit of work in order to link the correct page.

Warning: It’s about to get a bit technical up in here.

In order to link the correct page after Facebook’s suggestions for doing so have failed, you’ll need to install a Web Developer Toolbar to your browser. The easiest ones to use are for the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Browsers.

Click here to download the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar.

Click here to download the Chrome Web Developer Toolbar.

The following instructions and screen shots will be from the Chrome browser and Web Developer Toolbar.

The first step in the process is to locate the ID of your Facebook Business Page. When you create a Page, your page is assigned an ID. Before you create a custom URL for your Page, this ID will display as part of the Facebook given Page URL. If the Page already has a custom URL, you’ll have to be a bit more investigative to grab it.

For a Page that does not have a custom URL, the URL will look something like this image, and you can simply copy the string of numbers at the end.

No custom URL Page ID

If the page has a custom URL but you are an Admin of the Page, all you need to do is click “Edit Page” and the Page ID can be found in the URL for your Edit area.

Custom URL Admin Edit Page ID

The last situation is that the Page has a custom URL and you are not an Admin, so you don’t have the option of clicking “Edit Page” to get the ID. There are probably more ways to get the ID than I have found but here I will tell you two ways.

The first is to right click on the Page and look at the source code. Keep in mind you are looking for a string of numbers as shown above. If you can locate the line for the image of the Page – the Page ID will be in the middle of the URL like this:

Source Code Page ID

Another option is to use the Web Developer Tools that you installed earlier.

First, navigate to the Business Page, “Like” it if you don’t already, and go to the Wall tab.

Next open the Web Developer, Click on Forms, and then select View Form Information.

Once the Form Information is open use your “Find” keyboard command (CTRL+F) and search for: “target_profile_id” and grab your ID from there.

Form Information Page ID

Now that you have your Page ID, we are ready to attach it to the Employer section in your Personal Profile.

We already know that when you type the name of your Page in and hit “Enter” the correct page is NOT going to link – but go ahead and do this anyway so that your screen looks like this:

Adding Employer Business Page on Facebook Profile

Now open your Web Developer Tool and select Display Form Details.

Now your page will look like what you see below and you can take the correct Page ID that you grabbed in the steps above and paste it into the fields as you see highlighted below. When you are done, click on “Add Job.” You can then go back to your Web Developer Tool and de-select “Display Form Details” and proceed as usual.


Enter Correct Page ID into Form Add Job

Once you save changes, the correct page will be displayed at the top of your profile.

business page displayed on facebook personal profile

This is clearly not the most desired way to do this,  but it is the only sure fire way I have found. If you have another way please share with us in the comments!


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HOW TO: Convert Your Facebook Personal Profile To A Business Page

**Please read this post all the way through to the last update before you take any action.**

If you’ve ever heard me talk about social media do’s and don’ts, particularly the don’ts, you’ll know my number one piece of advice is not to set up your business on the Facebook Personal Profile platform.

The most important reason to avoid doing this is quite simply because it is against Facebook’s Terms of Service and you risk having your Profile completely shut down without being able to save any of your information or let your “Friends” know what’s going on. Imagine having 1,000 “Friends” and then having to start from scratch without any way of letting those 1,000 people know how to find your new Business Page. Yikes!

Another reason to not put your business on a Facebook Personal Profile is because you lose the search engine optimization benefits afforded to Facebook Business Pages. Pages and posts from Pages are being indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing which helps increase the likelihood of your business appearing in search engine results. Facebook Personal Profile posts are not indexed by the search engines, for obvious privacy reasons.

By having your business on a Facebook Personal Profile you may also be discouraging people from receiving your updates. When you “Like” a Business Page, you are not opening up your personal information to the Page Admins. However, in order to receive updates from a business on a Personal Profile, you must become their “Friend” and are therefore allowing them to see all of the information in your Personal Profile. This fact alone, may be keeping many people from wanting to connect with your business.

I could go on and on but this post is meant to deliver good news. If you have mistakenly set up your business on the Personal Profile platform (if your business has “Friends” you have a Personal Profile, if people “Like” your business, you have a Business Page) you can convert your Profile to a Business Page. Sound too good to be true? Well it is and it isn’t. You can convert your Profile to a Page and retain your “Friends” as “Likers” but, and it’s a big fat ugly but, no other information or content other than the Profile picture from the Personal Profile will transfer over.

So that you do not lose all of the content from the Profile, you should download your Profile content to your computer. YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE YOU PERFORM THE CONVERSION. Once you convert your Personal Profile to a Business Page you cannot switch it back.

To download your Profile content to your computer follow these steps:

1. Open your Account Settings.

Accesing Facebook Account Settings

2. Click on “Learn More” next to Download Your Information.

Downloading Information from Facebook

3. Click Download.

Downloading Information from Facebook

Now that you’ve backed up your Personal Profile content, you are ready to convert your Personal Profile to a Facebook Business Page. Once you have completed the conversion, you will use the same login credentials to access your Page, however your account will be limited to Business Account status.

To convert your Personal Profile to a Business Page follow these steps:

1. Go to

Converting Facebook Personal Profile to Business Page

2. Select a Page Category by clicking on one of the six Category squares. You can then further select your Category Type and edit the Page Name.

Converting Facebook Personal Profile to Business Page

That’s it, you are done! You now have a Facebook Business Page. When I tried this, at first the Page showed “0” Likes – but don’t panic, after I logged out and then logged back in, those who had been “Friends” of the Personal Profile did in fact show up as “Likers” of the new Business Page.


As mentioned above, once you convert your Profile to a Page you will have only a Facebook Business Account with very limited functionality. If you already have a Personal Profile on Facebook that you use to keep up with friends and family – I suggest making yourself an Admin of the newly created Business Page that way you can still use Facebook as normal while being able to manage the Page. You can use the feature of “Use Facebook as Page” while logged into your personal profile should you choose to do so.

If you don’t already have a Personal Profile but are feeling restricted by the Business Account, you can still create a Personal Profile and make that profile an Admin of the page to regain functionality.

Update 4/04/11

I am hearing that previous “Friends” are still not showing up as “Likers” on some newly converted business pages. I believe this to be a glitch that will be fixed by Facebook. I will keep you updated here.

Update 4/05/11

Sounds like the above issue has been resolved. The transfer of “friends” to “likers” is not immediate and can take more than 24 hours.

New issue: Profiles that converted to pages, now have a “Page not found” error. You can see the page in a search and you can access the settings and admin functions but there is not a way to view the page itself. This isn’t happening to everyone but I’ve received many reports. I’ve reached out to a contact I have at Facebook to see if I can find out anything.

Update 4/07/11

When this tool was released last week, some users didn’t fully understand the consequences of conversion while others had their profile deleted but no new Page created due to a technical issue. To help repair the damages from these issues, Facebook has created a Profile to Business Page Migration Appeal that users can fill out to apply to have the conversion reversed and their profile restored until Facebook announces that there are no more flaws in the conversion process.

profile to business page migration appeal

Though this says the appeals process is for accidental conversions, users whose conversions were interrupted and never finished, possibly due a severe strain on the Facebook API at the time, may also be eligible for a conversion reversal.

Update 04/12/11

Even though Facebook claimed last week that their API glitch was fixed and that new Profile to Page conversions should complete without an issue – I am hearing that there are still problems of pages being “not found” after conversion.

I have also not heard about anyone having success with filling out the appeal form to try to get these issues corrected.

It is my recommendation at this time, to not convert until further notice.

Update 4/21/2011

It sounds like  as of yesterday the “Page Not Found” issue has finally been resolved and the converted Pages can now be seen. I’m still hesitant to advocate the process because I haven’t heard of anyone who has tried recently, but it is at least promising that this problem seems fixed for the afflicted and may give you some hope if you absolutely must convert now.


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Small Businesses Turn to Social Before Search

Remember how much you hated when your mom would ask, “If everyone else jumped off a bridge would you jump off, too?” in an attempt to dissuade you from following the crowd? Well, when it comes to participating in Social Media for your Business, the answer is yes, you would, because you must.

Findings from a recently conducted “Small Business Search and Marketing Survey” by American Express OPEN and Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), show that second only to websites, Social Media is the top online marketing tool for small businesses. The most important take away from this finding is if you haven’t yet jumped off the Social Media bridge, you better believe your competition has, so you must also; otherwise your competition has a much better chance of getting found online while you’re still peering over the edge.

It is important however, not to jump in without knowing how to swim, so to speak. Too often I see companies that, while I must applaud the leap, are so obviously floundering, they are doing more harm than good with their social media presence.

Could you be making the same costly mistakes that they are? Find out by joining me for a FREE webinar, this Wednesday evening, March 30, 2011 at 7pm ET.  During this webinar you will have the opportunity to learn from examples of real companies whose use of Social Media may be a hindrance to their efforts.

Register: Webinar: Social Media: You’re Doing It All Wrong

If after the webinar, you find you may be doing the same types of things that the example companies are doing, I invite you to join me for my upcoming Social Media Boot Camp.

Social Media Boot Camp is an 8 session on-line course that will give you the tools to make the best use of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for your business.  Sessions will be held every Monday and Wednesday evening in April. Find out more information at

Because I love and value my blog readers so much – please use coupon code SISB2011 during registration, to receive a $100 discount!

If you’re ready to make the leap, I hope to “see” you on Wednesday!

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It’s Time to Poke The Box | Social Geek Radio

Seth Godin‘s Domino Project created a worldwide street team and I am proud to be one of the members of the Domino Street Team.

The team consists of individuals who are on a mission to spread ideas to people who care. We are digital natives who blog, tweet, take risks, and care about reinventing outdated systems.

We are part of the digital revolution in publishing and want to share our thoughts on Seth Godin‘s latest book “Poke The Box“. Join Deb Evans, me, and possibly a guest or two from the Domino Street Team as we discuss what it really means to “poke the box” and why Godin says, “The person who fails the most wins.”

Listen to Social Geek Radio on Blog Talk RadioYou can start the conversation by sharing your thoughts on the Social Geek Radio Facebook Page. Then, join us live by calling into the show tonight, Thursday, March 17th at 8pm CT/9pm ET or via the chat feature. Come “Poke the Box” with us!


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